For incidents that require immediate police dispatch such as automobile accident, fire, domestic dispute, robbery, assault, medical assistance, and similar high-priority situations.


  1. Don't panic. Obviously, when you are making a call to emergency services, you are in an emergency, and have a lot of adrenaline flowing through your veins. However, this will impede your speech and may cause you to start talking too fast, too slow, begin stuttering, etc.
  2. Find a phone. Preferably a landline unless it's a fire or burglary. This will help determine your location. If it's a fire, don't stay in the building, get out first.
  3. Call 911. Pick up the receiver and dial 911. Be aware that, sometimes, it takes time for the phone to route to the correct answering point. Do NOT hang up if you do not connect immediately!!
  4. Do not panic. This is easier said than done. Panic does not help. Instead, begin to plan what you will say to the dispatcher. Remember: Panic is the enemy in this race against time.
  5. Know what you will be asked. Make sure that you are aware of each of the following: Where is the emergency, nature of the emergency, concise details, your phone number and location.
  6. Listen to the dispatcher. Follow orders. The better and faster you follow orders, the higher everyone's rate of survival will be.
  7. Don't hang up until instructed to do so.

For emergencies that do not require assistance from the police or fire department, such as minor auto accidents, identity theft, etc. please call the number listed above.

NON-EMERGENCY: 616.456.3400

If you require an accident or police report, background check, among other department services call the listed number.

SILENT OBSERVER: 616.774.2345

Send information anonymously regarding criminal activity to assist police department solve cases. Call the number listed or you can provide the same information on the Silent Observer website at www.silentobserver.org.

Website shows locations of sex offenders and recent crimes throughout the Grand Rapids area. Simply enter address for specific area and the online report will provide information on the various crimes committed in that locale. Advanced searches will allow users to specify certain dates as well as detailing specific crimes only. Click HERE to access website.

Beat Officer

The following information of city services are provided to assist with some of the more immediate resources residents tend to utilize on a daily basis.

Captain Kathy Williams

Southside officer



Marian Barerra-Young

South 5 & 6, Baxter and MLK neighborhoods