Begins Nov 1

Every 1st Tuesday

BNA board meetings at 6:00pm

2018 Primary Election November 6
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The Lives BNA Impacts


New Pedestrian

“I never realized what a need there was for a neighborhood association until it became difficult for me to maintain my yard in the last several years.

BNA's annual neighborhood volunteers came and not only raked, trimmed bushes and cut grass in both the back and front, but they also helped with a few chores in the house as well.

BNA's genuine concern about the neighborhood and residents is awesome."


Kay T,

Baxter Street resident

Odd/Even Parking Begins November

Crossing Law Enacted

City Activities

Residents can get all upcoming local events and activities here.

Odd-Even Parking

City Services

“I had a nuisance issue with my next door neighbor and tried to resolve it by talking to them. After several attempts asking them to stop without any change, I  contacted the BNA to help.

The association very quickly responded to my complaint and resolved it in a manner that didn't cause any negative feelings between me and my neighbor.

If it wasn't for BNA's assistance I don't know what I would have done to fix the issue."


Robert K.

Thomas Street resident

The City Commission has approved an ordinance beginning February 6th requires drivers to stop for pedestrians at all crosswalks to help reduce the rate of pedestrian-vehicle incidents in Grand Rapids.

Your Voice,

Your Vote - Nov 6

City Services

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Beginning Thursday, November 1, the city's odd/even parking ordinance goes into effect. Streets designated with these signs means you must park on the side with even address on even days of the month and vice-versa.

The Primary Election for 2018 is Tuesday, November 6. The biggest change in regards to voting this year is not having the option to vote all Republican or all Democratic. Exercise your vote and make your voice heard.